Recently, we have had a lot of messages and comments asking when Enforcer & the Dude will be returning.

The reason that we haven’t answered any of these is not because we are ignoring the fans, but we don’t currently have any answer.

My vision for the show was always about filling the large gap that existed explaining aspects of motorsport without an agenda by a couple of guys that have actually done it and know motorsport. Also to quietly prove a point that I believe we achieved.

As we have said previously, the show took a lot of both time, but also money to produce and not an easy task without having the massive resources like other organisations. Where to take it from there was always going to be the next challenge and on what platform to share it and that is what we were working on prior to the current crisis. Obviously, things have been put on hold until we see how everything plays out.

In today’s current global crisis, not only is there no racing going on around the world to talk about, but companies are all dealing with the priority of running their businesses and keeping people employed in these trying times. As a result, sponsorship is low on the priority list which is understandable.

Saying that, we really appreciate the support of all our fans who made the show the largest by viewer numbers of any Motoring and Motorsport talk show in Australia in 2019.

As for future plans, right now we are focussing on our families and getting through the current crisis before we can make any future commitments. We may do a “Pop Up” episode or live feed so stay tuned. Meantime we have put together a highlight package from last year so please enjoy.

Stay safe everyone and again, thank you for your support.

Cheers, Russell